armour soft

modern and technological, designed to offer high performance


Armour Soft is a professional string that eliminates any rigid or excessively dry impact-shock, maintaining only the pleasure that the impact with the ball can hold. It is a circular monostring which has been created from the Armour string, with a larger presence of polyester, 30%, and a lower calibre to give more resilience and a better natural propensity towards power and rotation. It isn’t just a simpler version of the Armour string, but also a more modern and technological one, to give a high performance with an amplified thrust and spin, giving access to a less demanding conduct but even to a more captivating impact. It emulates the Armour and satisfies those players who are on the look-out for a string that is also able to help out, besides giving a good general performance. With a higher presence of elastic fibres. Armour Soft offers a long dwelling-time, for a softer and pastier feel, which is perfect for players who want thrust and control, with high standards but without excessive physical strain. Your arm will be thankful as it’ll be safe from rigid or uncomfortable impacts.


Section: Circular           Caliber: 1,24mm (16L) – 1,29mm (16)

Parameters & Test

Static Stiffness 10-15Kg : 1,20 Kg/mm          Static Stiffness 15-20Kg : 0,95 Kg/mm Static Stiffness 20-25Kg : 0,90 Kg/mm        Static Stiffness 25-30Kg : 0,80 Kg/mm Dinamic Stiffness : 235 g/mm     –     Best Range Tension : 18-22 Kg

Parameters detected in the laboratory by tests carried out by Pro-t-one of Ing. G. Medri : 1,24mm: (Pdf)

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