an evolution in terms of feeling and control of the ball

Armour is a point of reference when it comes to professional strings. A monostring that derives from the Hexa Pro string, which is an evolution in terms of synch and ball-control, and, in spite of being a smooth string, it also performs well on heavy spins. With a good snapback and a better shock compactness, it has been placed at the top of String Pro’s professional range, for an optimal conduct under every aspect. Of a circular shape, it is a co-polyester string which contains 20% of Soft Polyester and High Density Polyester, it is treated with alpha-olefin through a special production process which makes it solid but not hard on impact. Armour is arm-friendly string, in other words offering arm protection by creating a more comfortable feel that no other string can offer. The hold of tension is ensured by the multiple thermal treatments it has undergone during production that exalt its performance through time.


Section: Circulare           Caliber: 1,25mm (16)

Parameters & Test

Static Stiffness 10-15Kg : 1,15 Kg/mm          Static Stiffness 15-20Kg : 0,95 Kg/mm Static Stiffness 20-25Kg : 0,90 Kg/mm        Static Stiffness 25-30Kg : 0,80 Kg/mm Dinamic Stiffness : 230 g/mm     –     Best Range Tension : 18-22 Kg

Parameters detected in the laboratory by tests carried out by Pro-t-one of Ing. G. Medri : 1,25mm: (Pdf)

Used in

Alessandro Giannessi

ATP Best Ranking : 84

Martina Spigarelli

WTA Best Ranking : 540

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