the Comfort of the Multi and the Performance of a Mono

Magic is the first string created by String Project, a soft monofilament, elastic, with a notable ability for speed. Its particular construction, made of 7 different materials, of which only 30% are polyester, is secured through various thermal-fastening stages, making the Magic the only one of its kind. A string which is appreciated by beginners for its tenderness and its easy thrust, and by professionals for the control it gives and for the ability to snapback, it creates great synchronicity and rotation. A double personality: it is gentle and soft on the arm but with a wicked thrust and performance, Magic is a string that maintains all its characteristics and yield for many hours, in any game condition. It easily adapts to the player’s needs, thanks to a high range of ideal tension, almost with the elasticity of a multifilament, but with the ball-grip of a monofilament.


Section: Circular           Caliber: 1,26mm (16L) – 1,30mm (16) – 1,35mm (15L)

Parameters & Test

Static Stiffness 10-15Kg : 0,75 Kg/mm          Static Stiffness 15-20Kg : 0,70 Kg/mm Static Stiffness 20-25Kg : 0,80 Kg/mm        Static Stiffness 25-30Kg : 0,85 Kg/mm Dinamic Stiffness : 220 g/mm        –     Best Range Tension : 18-23 Kg

Parameters detected in the laboratory by tests carried out by Pro-t-one of Ing. G. Medri : 1,26mm: Pdf | 1,30mm: Pdf | 1,35mm: Pdf

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