power and spin, without compromise

Rocket is a monofilament made of Soft Polyester, treated in Alpha-olefins and finished with Liquid Wax. The particular production process with the multiple thermal fixings make it elastic with a very fast return capacity, and has a surface with a high gripping capacity. It is a string that offers a lot of snapback, excellent for the combination power / spin. Its characteristics make it a string with a good elasticity with which you can exploit the intensity of thrust and rotations easily and has a great reserve of power. The feeling of impact is communicative and offers feedback very connected to the ball. It is suitable both for an amateur public, for the easy push, and for a more agonistic public, looking for a circular section monofilament, which has an excellent ball output and excellent ability to generate rotations. Like the rest of the String Project strings, Rocket is an Arm Friendly monofilament.


Section: Circular           Caliber: 1,25mm (16L) – 1,30mm (16)

Parameters & Test

Static Stiffness 10-15Kg : 1,10 Kg/mm          Static Stiffness 15-20Kg : 0,80 Kg/mm Static Stiffness 20-25Kg : 0,75 Kg/mm        Static Stiffness 25-30Kg : 0,60 Kg/mm Dinamic Stiffness : 225 g/mm        –     Best Range Tension : 18-24 Kg

Parameters detected in the laboratory by tests carried out by Pro-t-one of Ing. G. Medri : 1,25mm: Pdf

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