Hexa Pro

designed to accommodate the most complex rotations

Hexa Pro is String Project’s proposal when it comes to moulded strings. Of a hexagonal shape, it is a product which is thought to comply with the more complicated rotations, made of co-polyester containing 20% of soft Polyester and High Density Polyester and it is treated with alpha-olefin.

It is a monofilament with an agonistic nature, which aims to satisfy those players who use a lot of rotation and who want to manage their spin variations to a high standard, to create heavy and complex hits.


Agonistic but not rigid, Hexa Pro offers a high level of comfort, totally Arm Friendly, with elastic fibres that have a good shock-absorption and leave room to snapback. Force isn’t left out, and, if stimulated, Hexa Pro reveals its explosive character.



One of the most solid strings that the brand has to offer, it ensures a long-lasting, dynamic and mechanical life span, with high performance standards and a direct synchronicity with the ball.


Power: 8
Control: 9
Spin: 9,5
Comfort: 8
Stability: 7,5
Tension Loss: 8
Resilience Peak: 8,5


Static Stiffness 15-20Kg : 1,00 Kg/mm

Static Stiffness 20-25Kg : 0,95 Kg/mm

Dynamic Stiffness : 250 g/mm

Data taken from tests published by Pro-t-one of Eng. G. Medri


Material: 20% of Soft Co-Poly con Co-Poliestere (HDC) + Alfa Olefin

Manufactory Process: Pre-Stretch + Multiple Heating + Liquid Wax

Section & Caliber: Hexagonal 1.25mm (16) – Hexagonal 1.20mm (17)

Color: Green

Laboratory Tests

  • Caliber 1,25mm: Laboratory tests perfomed by Eng. Gabriele Medri of Pro t one (PDF)
  • Caliber 1,20mm: Laboratory tests perfomed by Eng. Gabriele Medri of Pro t one (PDF)

Test on Court

  • Court Review performed by Eng. Gabriele Medri of Pro t one (PDF)
  • Court Review performed by Fabio Ferro of TennisTaste.com (Link)

Suggestions for use

We recommend to string the usual tension and to stay in the range of best performance of the rope, 18-23 Kg, to maintain the characteristics of power and comfort of play.