the multifilament innovation

Gold is a multifilament with the marked characteristics of sturdiness and power.

Gold, the name given by its golden hue, offers a direct impact, with an unusual spin for a multifilament.


It has been developed from a thermal fastening amongst a nucleus of multifilaments, which forms a mix of elastic polyester and polyamide.


This particular creation process of the string guarantees a very high level of power, with a very brief time of response for a multifilament.


It is a string which proves to have a highly satisfactory full bed for the solidity on impact, but it can also satisfy hybrids with its fluidity and reaction qualities.



Power: 7
Control: 8
Spin: 7,5
Comfort: 9,5
Stability: 10
Tension Loss: 8,5
Resilience Peak: 10


Static Stiffness 15-20Kg : 0,75 Kg/mm

Static Stiffness 20-25Kg : 0,75 Kg/mm

Dynamic Stiffness : 155 g/mm

Data taken from tests published by Pro-t-one of Eng. G. Medri


Material: Poly Propylene + Poly e Polyamid

Manufactory Process: Core in poly thermofused with polyamide coated with heat sealed thermoforming of polypropilene + Pre-stretch Core

Section & Caliber: Circular 1.30mm (16)

Color: Gold

Laboratory Test

  • Laboratory tests perfomed by Eng. Gabriele Medri of Pro t one (PDF)

Test on Court

  • Court Review performed by Eng. Gabriele Medri of Pro t one (PDF)
  • Court Review performed by Fabio Ferro of (Link)


Suggestions for use

 We recommend to string the usual tension and to stay in the range of best performance of the string, 18-23 Kg, to maintain the characteristics of power and comfort of play.