String Project on Social

Share your gaming experiences with your friends on social media

String Project is present on Social Networks:

Step 1

Stringing your racket and Draw the logo on the strings (Download PDF)

Step 2

Photograph or shoot a video to be published online

Step 3

Tagga String Project on Facebook ed Instagram

Step 4

Use this hashtag for specific model’s string:

  • Magic: #stringprojectmagic
  • Hexa Pro: #stringprojecthexapro
  • Armour: #stringprojectarmour
  • Armour Soft: #stringprojectarmoursoft
  • Kenn: #stringprojectkeen
  • Gold: #stringprojectgold
  • Hybrid Soft: #stringprojecthybridsoft
  • Hybrid Grip: #stringprojecthybridgrip
  • Hybrid Double Face: #stringprojecthybriddoubleface
  • Hybrid Professional: #stringprojecthybridpro