String Project - Improve your tennis

String Project is an Italian brand, born from the creators’ twenty year-old passion for creating technological and performing strings, offering high quality at an affordable price.

String Project’s mission lies in the constant evolution of the materials which are used. Every string that we sell is a product of a long testing process, both on the court and in the lab, in the search for the best possible performance and it is the result of the feedback we have received from our testers.

String Project designs and creates its products on the basis of Quality, Performance, Identity and Safety.

Quality is ensured from the use of state of the art materials and mixes, the best that the market has to offer, through numerous thermal fastenings which make their properties better in time, and their high-profile manufacturing, rigorously Made in Austria.

For all the strings that the brand has to offer, on-court performance is the most important aspect. String Project creates its own strings, thinking in advance on the dynamic properties that they must have. Everything is developed around the ideal of the string that must be obtained as a finished product. Power, control, rotation, anything you may need, here you shall find your perfect string.

Identity is what distinguishes String Project’s products. No string is the same, they all have their own unique and well-defined characteristics, meeting tennis-players’ needs, whatever they may be. Every string has its own main peculiarity, more pronounced than all the others. Power, control or rotation? There’s a string for everything.

Putting safety first, String Project exclusively develops strings that can protect all the player’s joints from the shock created in the impact. None of the products we sell are excessively rigid and they all have elastic polymers which are capable of cushioning the vibrations which can be harmful to the arm.


String Project is ARM FRIENDLY

High output and arm safety are combined in a single product. All of the brand’s strings have been created with the player’s joints and the general comfort of their use in mind. A contained delivering frequency, elastomers to protect the player from the impact, even on the more professional products, is what we offer to answer to aficionados’ needs, to only think about playing the game without the fear of getting hurt.